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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 11, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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machinery tossed like toys. >> this was a significant storm. we have a number of businesses destroyed. >> reporter: here in norman south of oklahoma city, ray trum bell, his wife tammy and their two young children were watching tv when they saw the tornado and ran to their basement shelter. >> said it's coming this way. so we ran in the shelter. as we ran in the shelter i saw it crossing the neighbor's house over there. >> reporter: thirty seconds later they heard the tornado overhead. the force of the wind toppled the garage trapping them in the shelter. >> once we heard the wind slow down, we tried to push the door open and couldn't. >> reporter: in their haste they had forgotten to grab a cell phone to call for help. >> rolled it over on top of the storm shelter. right now they can't get out. >> reporter: neighbors and rescue crews used chainsaws and muscle to remove a mountain of splintered boards and debris piled on top of the shelter
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door. the boys, ages six and eight, were scared. but the parents were stoic. >> we knew somebody would find us. >> one by one they were all rescued. >> come on, boy. >> reporter: even jersey the dog, safe and sound. >> thank you, everybody. yes, i'm okay. everybody is okay. >> reporter: a happy ending all around here. let me show you how they got out, peter. this the storm shelter they dodged. the garage came on top. they had, like you heard in the story, they came through with chainsaws. look at the opening they had to slither out an hour later. we're talking we're glad the family is in good shape, nice and thin. jersey the dog took a few stitches. he was at the vet overnight. he just did not want to get in the shelter and ray had to pull him in there at the last second. >> hopefully he's not
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complaining now. i want to put up video we showed a second ago. i've never seen anything like this one. we've seep a lot of twisters. three separate dark funnel clouds around the internal tornado. what are those we're looking at. >> those are -- this is a multiple vortex tornado. you have the mother cell. pin wheeling around, small mesocyclones, vortexes. we've seen three in the video, north of kansas city near the line. you can see how they are pin wheeling around. sometimes these individual vortexes can cause damage. see that spinning around, that's debris. they dropped softball-sized hail in alfalfa county, later produced another. the first i've seen in history. >> striking shots. we're so glad for rescues in place. thanks so much. rescue crews in oklahoma again
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searching through leveled homes and businesses. still trying to account for everyone. joining us on the phone to talk about the situation further, the public information officer with the oklahoma department of emergency management. thank you for speaking to us now. if you can give us a sense right now, what is your top concern and where are you focusing. >> good morning. thank you for the opportunity here. the number one thing today certainly is continuing to support our communities that are still in a response mode. at the same time we're working toward recovery and figuring out just what overall damages we have and just what we're going to noticed to help oklahomans get on their road to getting back to their predisaster situation. >> joining us by phone from oklahoma, thanks for checking with us. we appreciate it. we'll let you get back to the work ahead of you there. oklahoma family rescued from their storm cellar, escaped from the storm just in time.
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watching the news, they realized it was headed for them. they dashed to the cellar with moments to spare. the twister dropped the family's garage on top of the cellar. luckily their neighbors showed up to rescue them once the storm passed. >> saw a norman landmark on the television and knew it was coming down highway 9, which was close to us. my husband looked out the window and said here it comes. it was really louded. it sounded like everyone says like a freight train coming over the top. the wind was incredible. then we heard a giant crash and figured something had collapsed, but we didn't know what it was at the time. >> can you imagine? you can see contessa brewer's entire interview, tammy and ray trumble coming up. bill karins joins us now. we've seen what caused these violent storms. i guess the question is, is there more on the way. >> it's only may. may is the peak month.
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only 21 tornado deaths, all of last year we had 21. this hasn't been a high number count. the ones we had hit a lot of mobile homes, that's where a lot of deaths occur. the last 24 hours, all the red triangles from yesterday, pretty much covered all of central oklahoma up into southern kansas. of course oklahoma city is where one of the deadly ones did occur yesterday. here was the setup as we went through 8:00 last night. the jet stream is active, blowing dry air off the rockies. same time the gulf of mexico is open and bringing moisture to the north. those winds when they intersect like that cause the storms to spin. that's why we had the tornado outbreak yesterday. what does today look like? today we have a slight risk of severe weather. that's the area in yellow. yesterday at this time we had a high risk. we knew we were going to have a tornado outbreak. we do not expect one today. jet stream winds in the same, similar direction. we can see large hail and damaging wind in the areas of yellow, including oklahoma city again. we do not expect a tornado outbreak today, peter.
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three or four days until the next chance of tornadoes. >> just enough time to clean up and wait for the next round. bill karins helping us out. bill, thank you. we're also keeping eyes on a developing situation. this one in massachusetts. police there are searching for an accused killer that escaped from the state hospital. jeremy price there to undergo a mental health evaluation. price is a black male, 5'10", weighs 200 pounds we're told. he's believed to be wearing dark-colored sweatshirt, light colored pants and sneakers. police warned he should be considered deadline. another headline, this for the beltway, republicans are challenging the lack of judicial experience of supreme court nominee elena kagan. solicitor general has never been a june b vice president joe biden defended the choice this morning on the "today" show. >> renquist was on the bench, powell, justice jackson, justice
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marshall, et cetera. so i'm not quite sure what the deal is. this is an incredibly qualified woman. >> just to give you historical perspective, 40 of the 111 supreme court justices in history have had no judicial experience. as the vice president joe biden just mentioned, chief justice william renquist was among them. joining me now from washington, d.c. luke russert with today's "hill say." the question, not just how difficult will this confirmation battle be, who is most frustrated with the pick? it seems as many liberal groups are upset by this as conservatives? >> it's interesting you mention this. because the right and left are not 100% completely satisfied with this pick, folks i've spoken to close to the white house said that's what they are trying to go for, someone middle of the road and a consensus bridge builder. expect to hear that about elena kagan in the next few weeks coming from the white house, pragmatic, bridge builder, someone that can bridge the
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ideological divide. opponents try to paint her as an outsider, east coast, liberal. grew up in new york, which is the death knell if you weren't to be in public office for republicans. paint her as somebody in academia, spent entire life in the bubble of princeton. only two years in private practice. someone not qualified to be on the supreme court because her record is so thin. democrats on the other hand are going to say, look, she's shown she was willing to compromise with people. in harvard she made an effort to bring in conservative faculty. on top of that, she's somebody that's not going to be put into this box of being an extreme leftist liberal having a tough time going through a fight. remember, nominated for solicitor general, seven gop members voted for her. those senators reserved the right to say that was for solicitor general position. that being said folks i've spoken to on both sides expect
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her to be confirmed and expect this process to be decently smooth. perhaps more contentious than sotomayer because of the thin record that kagan has. at the end of the day, she should be the fourth supreme court justice in the history of the united states. >> "hill say." luke russert helping us out. thanks. >> take care. developing news on msnbc now. a senate committee wants to know what went wrong last month on the oil platform in the gulf and why oil continues to leak. i want to show you live pictures where senators are questioning academics and agencies involved right now. the ceos for bp and trans ocean as well as representatives from halliburton will take the hot seat as well. later this afternoon, homeland security secretary janet napolitano will visit alabama. she's checking on the response to the oil leak there. not her first trip. this new underwater video we're now getting was released to us from bp. it's estimated that 4 million gallons of oil have spilled into the gulf so far.
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let's be clear about that. 4 million gallons already. efforts to plug the leak obviously still not working. a stunning development in the priest sex abuse scandal. pope benedict xvi is now calling on priests to recognize what he refers to as the terrifying truth. during a flight to portugal, benedict made his most forceful comments to date on the sex abuse scandal. he said it was tearing the church apart from the inside out. quote, today we see in a truly terrifying way that the greatest persecution of the church does not come from outside enemies but is born of sin within the church. the pope added that the church has a, quote, deep need to acknowledge and do penance for its sins. how can the stock market drop so far and weeks later still not know what happened. look at this, this girl can dunk.
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the city of phoenix could lose $9 million in tourism thanks to the controversial immigration law. the thriving convention business could suffer once the law goes into effect. a local newspaper said four organizations have already canceled events over that law. it allows police to ask anyone they suspect being in the country illegally for do you meanation. a college senior could be in trouble after he and black face in a fund-raising skit. a dumb idea. it happened in st. paul, minnesota. the school said he didn't mean
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to offend anyone. he apologized. the school said ignorance is no excuse. black face is an expression of racism. supreme court nominee elena kagan drawing criticism from both sides of the aisle as you've heard. on the right for her lack of experience. >> if a nominee does not have judicial experience, they should have substantial litigation experience. miss kagan has neither. >> that was senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. also right now on the left, she may not be liberal enough. that's the complaint there. some progressives there say she's too much of a blank slate to know how she stands on any issue. >> for any rational citizen to want to assess appropriateness of putting her on the court to replace justice stevens, there's really absolutely nothing a person can look to to know the kind of judge she can be. >> a lawyer and former domestic
10:16 am
policy adviser for the white house and legal analyst. thank you for joining us. let's get to controversial topics. we'll put them on the screen. among the position, supporting banned late term boringses. supporting banning human cloning, criticized don't ask, don't tell. finally, continued harvard's ban on military recruiters. what's the sticking point? >> not really her positions. positions she took in her roles as a lawyer. those aren't her positions. of course that's what she'll say in her confirmation hearing of these are all red herrings. look, you can't win for losing. if you have too much of a record, they attack you for that. you don't have enough of a record, they attack you for that. >> which of those could be most concerning? >> i think this ban on military recruitment at harvard, that's going to be a big one, given the tea party movement. i think it's a red herring.
10:17 am
she's going to say i did what i had to do as dean. when i'm a judge, i'll do what i have to do as judge, respect the law. >> she criticized the process itself, "new york times" quoted her as saying she did he tests polite and restrained hearings call them a vap i had and hollow chara charade. she might get hers coming up. >> here is the bottom line, if you're being attacked from the left and the right, it's all good for obama administration. wouldn't you like to see kagan and scalia together in a judicial conference. i think i would. i think the american people want that kind of court. that's the kind of court we're going to get. i predict this woman is going to be confirmed. >> jamie floyd here to talk to us about that. we won't be finished with this. breaking news we want to update you on. white house says joe biden's son bo biden undergoing treatment at
10:18 am
a delaware hospital. the younger biden is awake and alert. he's communicating with his parents and wife who are said to be with him now. he's a familiar face as attorney general. he considered running for the senate seat his father held before becoming vice president but ultimately decided against it. he's hospitalized. we'll keep you up to date with more information on that. so, doc... so, doctor... i've been thinking... no.
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thanks for being with us live on msnbc. i'm peter alexander. day the day after euro zone countries, u.s. monetary fund u.s. agreed to chip into a trillion dollar rescue fund. the announcement was greeted by cheers on wall street giving american stocks a major boost. the dow gained roughly 400 points.
10:22 am
u.s. stock markets opening lower this morning. here is where the numbers stand now, an hour after trading began. the dow down about 31 points, s&p down 3. the nasdaq close to where it started down 7 points so far today. meantime euro gained on the dollar yesterday, but it's also losing steam on concerns this trillion dollar fix may not be enough. a senior analyst with investment site, the motley fool. he's joining us now. the trillion dollars, why is that not enough to solve this problem. >> well, it goes a pretty long way. ecb needed to step out and tell people they had the liquidity to support these countries. countries with faults of banks, where there's talks of a run on the bank, the bank gets run out. getting out in front of these fiscal messes, portugal in
10:23 am
particular, weight on greece, they are effectively preventing a run on these countries. >> help us out. analysts are concerned some will see this as a free pass to continue their free spending ways. where is the learning curve. in grmds they work long hours, long days, in greece, southern europe, they are living the life. >> they have have great islands. but we have the same problems in the united states, right, with the t.a.r.p. program. effectively we're bailing out people who probably shouldn't be bailed out, who have been reckless and fiscally irresponsible. that's a problem. this creates a disincentive for creeks, spaniards, italians to clean up fiscal houses. if you look at greece the last weeks ago they are making draconian cuts. you see that with social unrest. spain, 20% unemployment, a serious problem. now that the risk of default substantially reduced they are probably not going to make as many tough decisions as they
10:24 am
otherwise with. >> motley fools, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks. astonishing video coming to us from australia this morning. security cameras capturing a freak accident on tape. a dad holding onto his child for dear life and everyone survives somehow. take a look at this. it happened on a clear day at a strip mall. a family out for a shopping trip when all of sudden out of control a car just careens right at them. look at this, boom. people flew in the air, the baby carriage goes flying as well. a dad holding onto his four-year-old son never let go even as both were pinned but neath the car. >> there's no way. hit the back of me, least chance of him, break a leg, that's
10:25 am
fixable. >> the preem. that's the first thing that caught me eye. the mom flying as well. >> this whole incident captured by not one but three security cameras. the driver turned out to be an 82-year-old woman who may have had a heart attack behind the wheel. the mom and dad were also seriously injured in that crash, both of them forced to spend months at the hospital. >> here is another one for you. talk about an air ball. this video on youtube, truly off the charts. watch as the little girl tossed into the air by two adults, then she makes the basket. if she lands on her nose we're not separating. fortunately it was a nice dunk. the person who posted it says college park. warns the videomakers throwing a child that the air could alert child protective services. dwight howard, watch out. we've got a little dunkster.
10:26 am
david gregory recently debuted his high definition set. "the tonight show," jay leno noticed the new digs. >> let me ask you something, is it me or is david gregory getting too comfortable on "meet the press." did you see him, he seems a lot more not as rigid. take a look. >> from nbc news in washington. "meet the press" with david gregory. >> this morning our new look. in television, which is what we do. we evolve. for a program 62 years old, it's not the first time changes have been made. while i was away e-trade's techno-magic --
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back right now after 10:30 on the east coast on the screen, beau biden, son of joe biden. breaking news to share with you.
10:30 am
he's undergoing treatment at a delaware hospital. in the last five minutes we've heard from a spokesperson from his father, the vice president of the united states saying beau is conscious, up and talking at the hospital. it's unclear exactly what his medical condition is right now. according to the spokesperson, this is something that could be neurological. it's described as an event. referred to as the event happened after the vice president completed morning shows from delaware and beau biden happened to be there at the time. of course he is delaware's attorney general. he considered running for the same senate seat his father vacated when he became vice president. of course ultimately deciding against it. we should note there is family history within the biden family of disorders of this sort. obviously the vice president of the united states has recovered fully from a past aneurysm. again, beau biden hospitalized in delaware. we'll keep you up to date on the state attorney general's condition. our top story this hour on msnbc, oklahoma residents assessing the damages after a
10:31 am
series of tornadoes slammed into the place. the video is staggering. an estimated 10 twisters touching down in oklahoma. five people confirmed dead. winds more than 100 miles an hour blew apart homes and businesses. joining us from norman, oklahoma, is the weather channel's mike bettis with a little look around there. mike, give us a sense. is it done. >> reporter: they have a telling story. can you see a lot by just assessing the damage here in norman. when you look at the gas station right here, can you see how the pumps have been lifted out of the ground, laid down in a diagonal direction. the inflow goes this direction. the rotation of the tornado brings it through the parking lot in this direction. all the debris is then strewn across the parking lot and across the street. if you look to where the sign for the building was, it's actually right here where the polls are laid down in this
10:32 am
direction toward the cam rachlt in essence what you get is 360 circle of spin, obviously indicates the damage. the gas station, grocery store, cars flipped in the parking lot. early estimates this could be as strong as 150 mile-per-hour wind or more. that would make it ef-3 on enhanc enhanced fujita scale. they are getting back in homes or rebuilding homes as they aware assistance from the federal government and local agencies. from oklahoma, i'm mike bettis. back to you. >> mike, thanks very much. bp is working on plan b to stop this massive oil leak in the gulf. it still continues. another smaller dome you've heard about they are calling a top hat could drop on thursday. the company's ceo will be on the hot seat as senators on the energy committee grill executives about exactly, at least as best they can tell,
10:33 am
exactly what went wrong. nbc news correspondent thom truong. >> behind us a group of volunteers and contractors. they are walking along the beach in dauphin island. they are trying to see and detect if any of the oil slick or tar balls over the weekend are washing ashore. some of the devices they are looking at, pompom like material. those are tar ball catchers, if you want to call them that. they have lined -- those tar ball catchers have lined the beaches here. those volunteers and contractors are going around trying to see if anything is in them. they are cleaning up the beach in preparation and bracing for any type of impact from this oil spill. you can see they are in those chemical suits. they are wearing those just in case they are picking up
10:34 am
remnants or oil slick or any of the tar balls they may be washing ashore. that's a huge issue here. tourism is a $3 billion industry here. there is a lot of anxiousness and anxiety about what's going to happen here. so far it's trending west. so far they are doing anything they can to brace for any type of impact on the beach. >> that's a good point. obviously you're there visiting to cover the story. you see the hotels, restaurant owners. what do they tell you about frustrations? this isn't an impact about what they like to sell, saltwater in the veins, it's an impact on tourism there. >> there's a lot of anxiety. they are getting a lot of calls from people planning vacations here, long time vacationers coming to visit. they are wondering if this oil slick impacting. are there tar balls and more tar balls coming here. we want to know because we're coming to vacation. right now nobody can definitely answer those questions. for now they are okay.
10:35 am
>> just a huge impact on that entire part of this country. thom truong. the fda trying to investigate where the e. coli contamination started. they think it's came from arizona and was distributed by an oklahoma company. students became ill in ohio last week. most of the romaine lettuce was sold to food service establishments. the recall does not affect bag lettuce, the kind you would likely buy in the grocery store. from nashville, tennessee, today, we have a remarkable have your adviser story. a 10-year-old girl swept away and sucked into a drainpipe. this one is real, folks. she traveled 36 feet underground and mostly underwater. somehow she lived. nbc's natalie morales has our report. >> reporter: at the height of the deadly storms that hit
10:36 am
nashville, tennessee, at the beginning of the month, shawn kerrigan had his video camera out when his family took a walk in the torrential rains. his daughter delanie and marie decided to explore a ditch near the house. then just a few minutes later. >> i heard the screaming. it was like the most guttural, animalistic thing i've ever heard. >> my friend lost balance and she slipped down into the water. and i had stepped into the water a little bit to pull her out, then fell in. >> i ran as fast as i could. i saw marie with her face just this much out of the water screaming, and i grabbed her. >> his own daughter delanie was out of reach. >> i had a little bit of an ear out of the water for a minute and then i was completely under the pipe. i thought i was going to dli. >> she was sucked into the 18 inch pipe. it runs 36 feet under two driveways. her estimates a minute passed
10:37 am
before she emerged. >> i grabbed her. her lips were blue. she looked lifeless. i was thinking what do i do now. i guess this is where you do cpr. at that point she opened her eyes up and started breathing. it was just a miracle. >> that is unbelievable, just claustrophobic watching that. 18 inches wide, sucked into that the girl and her dad -- the girl obviously survived, the dad surviving the fact his daughter got out of his. contessa brewer will speak to him in the noonhour of msnbc. unbelievable stuff. a rough week for tiger woods. here is the latest. first he had a drop in the player's championship over the weekend because of a bulging disk in his neck. now tiger's swing coach, one of his biggest mentors has resigned, hank haney, coached him during some of the biggest victories in his career, six of his 14 major championships was out. he felt it was time to go in a
10:38 am
different direction. if tiger's golf career doesn't work out, there's always politics. he wouldn't be the first athlete to run for office, or scandal prone to run for office. is apple the new enemy? ahead, men read "playboy" for the articles, of course, but maybe not the newest issue. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 if it was up to me?
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every day tasks, and have at least one chronic disease. well, you knew this would come. films like avatar and how to train your dragon made 3d cool. guess who is joining that action. "playboy" getting on board. the magazine set to hit the news stands this friday comes equipped with 3d glads. it's the first ever 3d centerfold. leave that there for you, fellas. one figure standing before the rest in the gop primary. we're talking about 6'11" former portland trail blazer player chris dudley. looking for a career change in the world of politics. not the only athlete hoping to score high at the polls. nbc's luke russert joining us with a little more himself a. we have the old tennessee quarterback went offer to play not too from you guys, for the washington redskins.
10:43 am
he's one of many guys trying to join forces in politics. >> he is. it's quite amazing. you're really seeing this mesh of politics and sports. a desire to compete. you're seeing gop recruit former athletes. running for governor in oregon, he's raised a substantial amount of money based on name recognition alone. he's a good candidate for the primary election. whether he'll be elected might be difficult. philadelphia eagles tackle john run i don't know running for congress in new jersey, has the support of gop organizations in his district, raising a lot of money there. he would become the biggest member of congress if elected, over 6'8"300, i'd love to see him in the chamber mixing it up. clint didier, running for senate as tea party candidate. if you look at folks already
10:44 am
elected, also jay riemersha. he's a fabulous tight end for buffalo bills running for congress as a republican candidate in michigan, always decent shot. folks already elected, dave bing, mayor of new york. also a former all-star, jim bunning, all the way back to steve largeant. one ran for president of the united states. there is a history, the competition that one finds on the court, the field or wherever can maybe segue into a life of politics. it's going to be interesting to see if these guys win. the best shot definitely is runyan. it might be interesting to see a 6'8", 300 pounder giving a press conference on capitol hill about all sorts of issues. >> can you imagine anybody competing with him for time on
10:45 am
television. they may as well take a seat. >> elbow out. take it easy. >> get the cold shoulder. seems the ipod innovator apple is under attack. first president obama took a shot at a college commencement speech. listen to this. >> with ipods, ipads, xboxes, playstations, none of which i know how to work, information becomes a distraction, a diversion, form of entertainment rather than a tool of empowerment. >> now wii maker, nintendo's company facing the first shortfall in six years telling top executives to go after ap. saying apple is, quote, the enemy of the future. tough tack. senior editor at john abel, new york magazine. both joining us live in new york. thanks, guys, very much. first of all as we speak about
10:46 am
president obama, what happened here? this is the same guy who went over to see her majesty in 2007, i think it was -- when was that, that wasn't too far back -- gave her an ipod stocked up with music. talked to rolling stone magazine about his favorite songs. >> the guy raised so much money on facebook. seemed like the tech savvy president. seemed like an odd statement saying he doesn't know how to use an ipod, ipad, xbox. a little confusing. >> what's he going after? is it political gain? >> weirdly populist thing to say. i think the message was don't be distracted by games. device technology is confusing for anybody. >> help me understand. is apple the enemy in some form? are they like the ultimate competitor, the same way microsoft had been? >> exactly. they are entering a space where they are seen as monopolistic
10:47 am
and imperious. not great market share, ipod, ipad, phone is dominant stuff. when apple is vetting content applications and publishers are saying, well, sorry, there's a first amendment kind of thing, kind of a tradition of noninterference it can seem to be wrong headed. >> as we look to the future, sony, nintendo, apple, who comes out ahead in that bunch. >> that's a tough call, because they really serve different parts of the market. however, they are all kind of market leaders in their way. >> they compete even though they serve different markets. >> they compete but different specialties. apple became the company they rale against. you can only be the cult favorite for so long before you wither away or become the corporate enemy that apple fans thought they were the opposite
10:48 am
of. >> nice to see you guys. tough talk from iran. talk about the showdown with iran, former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger next live on msnbc. but recently, the safety of our cars and trucks has come under question. and at toyota, this is something we don't take lightly. that's why we're making fundamental changes inside our company, to communicate with customers better, and respond to their needs faster. in addition, we're currently spending over a million dollars an hour to enhance the technology and safety of our vehicles. the result? our comprehensive star safety system is now standard on every vehicle we make. ♪ don't get us wrong, we know actions speak louder than commercials. but just know, your safety will continue to be a top priority in any, and all of our decisions.
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live on msnbc, i'm peter alexander. tensions between israel and iran continue to escalate. deputy prime minister fired the latest salvo saying his country's air force is capable of attacking iran. israel has been building up its military, improving its technology designed for long range missions. the israelis argue they would prefer international community intervene and turn up diplomatic pressure against a nuclear-armed iran. iran, of course, insists nuclear program is exclusively for civilian purposes but rhetoric from president ahmadinejad continues to be inflammatory. the iranian leader has been on the record calling for israel to be in his words wiped off the map. joining us now is former secretary of state lawrence
10:52 am
eagleburger. mr. secretary, i appreciate your time right now. how likely is a military strike on iran in the not too distant future by israel? >> oh, boy, i don't think it's terribly likely in the near future, because i think there still is a question of how long it will be before they can build their nuclear weapon. but i do not exclude it in the long run. i don't think it's going to happen in the next few weeks or months but it could happen. >> let me pose to you one of the worst kept secrets perhaps is the fact israel has nuclear weapons. they also have a policy that's long-standing of nuclear ambiguity, where they don't have to confirm or deny nuclear weapons. should that policy change? should the u.s. allow israel to be vague in addressing that question? >> i don't think it's for us to allow or not allow. yes, i think it should remain vague. but the question is wrong in the sense that i don't think we have
10:53 am
anything to say about it. if we did try to say something to the israelis about it, they would tell us to take a hike. >> in fairness you have been critical of president obama, you recently said, you've never seen anyone as amateurish in his conduct in foreign relations as this president. you were specifically referring to president obama advertising his unhappiness with israel. so why is that such bad policy for this administration? >> well, it depends, i suppose, on whether you think the israelis are following the right course and whether we have been following the right course by being supportive. what worries me more than anything else is when the president -- by the way, i stand by what i said earlier. when the president makes these remarks which lead to questions about how much the u.s. will till continue to support israel, what we are doing is playing into the hands of those in the
10:54 am
arab world who really think that they are going to get at israel at some point. when they think we may not do anything if we try it, i think that escalates by all means substantially the question of whether they will at some point or another try to take on israel. >> lawrence eagleburger, former secretary of state joining us live. we appreciate it, mr. secretary. thank you. >> yes, my pleasure. >> that's going to wrap it up for me at this hour. i'm peter alexander. my friend and colleague tamron hall will pick up next. she'll speak with survivors of the deadly tornado that flattened parts of oklahoma and kansas. msnbc news is live and back in just three minutes. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes.
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10:58 am
>> the shelter, as we were running in the shelter, i saw it crossing the neighbor's house over there. >> right now on capitol hill, the blame game. the senate is holding hearings on that massive oil leak that continues to gush into the waters off the gulf coast. executives from bp and two others involved expected to.the finger at each other. nothing they have tried is expected to cap the leak. was bp ever prepared for a massive leak. to the gulf coast, the latest on what bp is trying now to get this situation under control. leaving little to the imagination. miss usa pageant contestants posing for lingerie. the business of beauty but does it go too far. a guy claiming to be yo-yo master makes the rounds showing off tricks. there's just one problem here. we'll tell you about it. we begin with news out of the
10:59 am
plains area. five people dead after storms tore through oklahoma and kansas. tornadoes touched down injuring at least 58 people. today oklahoma city officials are telling residents to stay off the road. they want to make sure rescue workers have the access they need as they continue to search for any possible victims. the oklahoma city fire chief says heavy fog and power lines are making it hard to see all the dangers and obstacles in their path. weather channel meteorologist mike bettis is in norman, oklahoma, with a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: the violent tornadoes that ripped through oklahoma have a telling story. you can see a lot by assessing the damage. when you look at the gas here, you can see how the pumps have been lifted out of the ground, laid down in a diagonal direction. you can see the winds pushed in the building behind us. inflow this direction, rotation brings it through the parking t


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